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Absence of patience

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

Patience defined as "the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, problems, or suffering without becoming annoyed or anxious" easier said than done right! There's no denying lack of patience is often linked with not enough time. Life can feel so fast,

Hour glass
Hour glass

pressures of meeting everyday wants and needs can lead us to feel stressed and dragged along with the pace. Before we know it we find ourselves speeding up, needing things and trying to do things quickly and not feeling all too happy when this pace is slowed.

Ever feel like you are juggling so many things in life there is not time to stop and think. Its at times like these that we often forget our own needs because we feel there isn’t enough time to attend to them, this can also often lead us to be less patient with others, ourselves too. We all need... some time to stop, breathe and reboot. Which leads to why I am here today. As I carved some time out for myself this week doing what I call my ‘stretch yoga’, so nothing too strenuous nor too long maybe 20 minutes, I heard a lovely quote through Cole Chance youtube video (not the original owner of the quote) that stuck with me. She shared this before starting;

"I cannot push the sand faster through the hour glass it will fall on its own time, if i force it the glass will crack. So i may as well relax and let things unfold as they will, for who knows what may happen in this space"

'What will happen in this space' reminded me of the therapy room. How people sometimes come in with a set of expectation’s but are often surprised by the pace. How in just being there, being them, by not being or feeling forced – having time, solely for them with no other life demands in that 1 hour they are able to relax. It allows something quite amazing to take place in that space. Thoughts and feelings shared, not judged, accepted, and changes begin to happen.

I like the idea that for 1 hr a week the hour glass of your being is not forced, the sand flows at its own pace and completely naturally. There isn't anything that is trying to make it go faster, you are being you in that time.

I also think its just a lovely way to check in with the self every now and then by asking the question "does the glass feel forced and if so can i allow it to just fall as it may, rather than forcing it further" . Consider the outcomes or consequences too, patience can lead us to frustration, annoyance which can lead to irritations with self and ultimately anxious feelings. Ok so it's easier said than done but like anything we can always learn to create a new habit for ourselves if we want to change. The brain loves patterns and although it takes its time to embed a new one (much like the hour glass) it will pretty much flow with it once its there.

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