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Feeling sad, low mood, depressed - counselling can help

Are you feeling sad, experiencing low mood symptoms, maybe you feel lost and are suffering feelings of depression?

Maybe it feels hard to reach out and speak to someone, or you feel you can’t as you want to avoid hurting or worrying them. Have you heard the following which you haven’t found helpful…

Artwork by Sarah Harrison
Feeling low, worn out, sad depressed

  1. ‘are you ok?’

  2. ‘at least you have… (fill in the blank)‘ - this can bring on feelings of guilt for the other person)

  3. ‘you need to… (fill in the blank)’

  4. ‘Try and take a step back’

While these are often coming from a good place and well meaning, when you are at your lowest they can be tough to hear because the answers may be something like…

  1. ‘no I am not ok’

  2. ‘Right now, I can’t look at what I have’

  3. ‘I know what I need to do but I just can’t right now’

  4. ‘If I could, I would’

Sometimes what you need is to be allowed to feel upset, cry, to let out all the emotion, thoughts and feelings you are holding in, to have someone hold a space for you to do this. Not have someone try to fix it for you, or give advice.

You may even know deep down that you have the answers but right now they are hidden so deep within, pushed down by a heavy hand, head and/or heart that you can’t access them.

Counselling offers a place where you can learn about yourself and why you do feel that way, how you can communicate what you need so those around you can support you better, and a place where it is all about you and your feelings.

I won't lie there’s no miracle cure, feelings come and go but help is often needed to wade through and get to the other side to a happier, healthier place for you. So please do reach out if this is what you need right now. Call or email me to book an appointment

07395 826987

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