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Sea of feelings

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

Feelings and seaweed (metaphorical thoughts about feelings)

From time to time, OK often, when I’m out walking or driving, thoughts come into my mind and instead of trying to control them, I like to see where they go. I like to give thoughts and feelings the freedom to explore; it’s like a little adventure for the mind - the child within.

This time, it was about seaweed; stay with me here. It actually start

Seaweed art created by Julia Lohmann
Photo belongs to Mikko Raskinen.

ed with thinking about levels of feelings and how we access them, or don’t as it may be, and how uncomfortable feelings can be -like swimming in the sea and suddenly being pulled down by that that lies beneath. If we were to just keep swimming, trying to ignore the seaweed entangling our legs not knowing how large or powerful the threat is, we would surely struggle on the surface and eventually be pulled down under by the seaweed or feelings.

And I ask you what advice would you give to someone who you could see swimming toward that large dark body of water? Easier to see from a distance though, isn’t it?

This is when people often come to therapy, when the water is no longer clear, when they are entangled in the emotions and can’t see a way out.

So we can’t avoid feelings as they will find us eventually, but what’s the purpose, what can we do, how can we navigate this better? Much like seaweed, feelings have a purpose, and not too dissimilar either.

Seaweed cleans its surroundings, provides a habitat for other beings. If we look at that metaphorically, our feelings also need a home and can also cleanse our souls, and much like the Ocean, they have motion and will move to a different place; they will always be there but they will move.

Noticing them so we can navigate them is key, otherwise we can find ourselves pulled down under by them. We don’t have to stay stuck there but if we can see and feel the signs, we already have a head start.

So what’s the point of therapy?

Just as the seaweed can lie beneath the surface and entangle you or pull you under, so can trauma. Well, whilst we can never get rid of it completely, in counselling, we can free you from the tangle bit by bit and support you to notice your responses, reactions and see where they are coming from. Then, when traumatic situations come near in the future, you will be able to see them in advance, acknowledge them, and safely navigate through or around them.

Who wants to lose feelings altogether anyway?

Happiness – Joy – love – learning

Sadness – reflection – learning

Anger – boundaries – learning

Without them, how do we learn?

_____________________________________________________ I just want to take a moment to share a post i came across during this time that i have to thank for the photo (Artist: Julie Lohmann) and the beautiful creations she produces with seaweed. If you are interested to look a little further please check her out here Strong and beautiful as Seaweed .

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