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Sarah Harrison, Integrative counsellor and psychotherapist 

Based in St Neots I provide safe, confidential counselling where you are free to be yourself without judgement. I listen to your needs and from the relationship that develops through our time together, we manage and resolve your concerns. 

Sarah Harrison Counsellor

At the core of the sessions is a practice known as person-centred, this means the sessions put you at the centre of the counselling relationship and I believe that you have the answers and together we can help you find them, this means you can continue to draw on those tools within when you finish therapy. 

Working Integratively I am fully qualified to adapt the counselling sessions around your needs and help you face challenges in a way that will work for you to help improve your life. 

Are you experiencing any of the following concerns in your life right now

  • addiction

  • anger

  • anxiety

  • bereavement/loss

  • borderline personality disorder

  • depression

  • dissociative identity disorder

  • domestic violence

  • PTSD

  • relationship concerns (1:1 counselling only)

  • suicidal thought

  • self harming

  • stress and burnout

  • Trauma


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