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Community Counselling

We are counsellors and psychotherapists that are passionate in supporting children understand their Mental health. We understand first hand how difficult it has been for our children during lockdown and the anxiety that came with the Pandemic.  We appreciate that our teachers are doing an amazing job, but they don’t have the time and resources to dedicate allowing our children time and space to explore how they feel. 

We recognise that it is important now more than ever to support children during and after the pandemic and you as parents have done an amazing job of using day to day skills to provide emotional and academic advice and support to your children.  For some children this is not enough, and they need more emotional support AND THAT’S OK.

It is important to find a balance between respecting the enormity of how your child is feeling, the sacrifices that they have been asked to make and the losses they have experienced without sensationalising or dwelling on the situation. 

If you feel your child is struggling with any of the below, please feel free to reach out and chat to one of our qualified friendly counsellors who can offer
you some advice or guidance.

Through  ‘creative group work’ we offer your child a safe and secure space to be able to express how they feel, learn to talk about their emotions.  We offer this through support, practical advice, strategies and activities. 

As qualified counsellors who know the benefits first hand of how important it is to be able to communicate what is needed to feel safe and secure we have set up a Holiday Club and After School club to help children talk about how they feel.

Through Creative Therapy we will focus on different emotional responses. 

This is a six week course running for 1.5  hours per  session where we will focus on your child’s emotional wellbeing in group work with no more than 12 children per session with 2 fully qualified counsellors.  Children are encouraged to meet new people and build new relationships in a safe and secure environment.  Children are encouraged to take part in the activities to help build confidence and secure attachments.  One of our main focuses will be on bringing ECO THERAPY into the sessions to enable children to reconnect and understand the importance nature brings into our mental wellbeing.

Community Counselling
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